Tips for men: how to reach out to a “hard-to-get” woman

1. Make sure that she does play hard-to-reach, not just very busy

We all hate the word "I'm busy". And, yes, we can take this as an excuse or excuse. But imagine, a woman can also work for 15 hours a day. Our crazy pace of life is very much at it. Well, if you are attracted by a typical business lady, then its inaccessibility is nothing to be surprised. This is reality! It is likely that she can not respond to your message or call back. Women are now focused on their careers, and some even combine several jobs. By the way, your darling can still be a lonely mother, responsible for her child. And if you are a father yourself, then you know how priorities are shifted when you have children. This does not mean that she does not want to spend time with you, it's just that she really does not have that time. Wait a little. You will quickly find out which woman is playing and which one is really busy.

2. Do not try to invite a woman on a date at the last minute – make plans in advance

Many russian brides prefer not to go on a date on the day of the invitation and, frankly, for the day too. There are always exceptions, if you, for example, at the last moment snatched tickets for a rare concert or performance, but we are now talking about the initial stages of dating, so be more careful. Romance has not yet died, and a woman often refuses a spontaneous meeting, not implying its inaccessibility, but it just takes time to trust the man. She wants to be cared for; she wants to feel special, not a spare airfield or the last chance. If you are interested in a date, plan it in advance and give the woman time to think and prepare for it.

3. If a woman is really playing hard-to-reach, play along to her

We all know that in a love game there is often a struggle for power and supremacy. It's like playing volleyball when you give each other a ball and beat it. Take care of a woman, surround her with care, but if you feel inaccessible, just step back for a while. Stop calling, write messages, send flowers and give all kinds of attention – just a couple of days. And a woman, feeling the emptiness, she will be contacted, if you are, of course, interesting to her. Do not be offended, sarcasm or say taunts – just play a little bit in this "volleyball".

4. If you met her on the Internet, do not write messages, just call

When you get acquainted with a woman online, remember that you never talked and did not see each other! A woman needs to hear a voice, feel some vibrations and feel the reality of your person before she agrees to a meeting. In our crazy and impetuous age of technology, we lost sight of the quality of communication, spiritual intimacy and the ability to communicate. Fortunately, you can still just call.

5. You met online, met in real life, but she still hangs on a dating site

So, you met and met several times – and now you still see her on the dating site, and she plays in hard-to-reach. In some cases, this is true, and you are not the hero of her novel, but in others … it is still necessary to find out the reason. Online dating became similar to Ebay. The store is open, and you can order a lot of goods at any time. Perhaps you spent a romantic weekend with a woman, and then on Monday morning caught her online on this site. Alas, this is the essence of online dating. She may sincerely want to meet with you, but still look for a better option. She can be recently divorced or just broke off relationships and is not looking for appointments exclusively with one guy. Probably, you just need to talk and dot the "i".

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